Музей истории города Чирчик
Execution of the decision
August 05, 2022

On July 25, the Chirchik City Local History Museum hosted an entertaining festive program called “Jewelry is the pearl of our culture” on the basis of paragraph 2 of Appendix 6 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 261 dated May 27. The event opened to the sound of trumpets. During the program, the guests were entertained by musical numbers, a folk group, opera and pop music. In addition, within the framework of the theme “Artistic Nation”, master classes were held by members of the “Khunarmand” association of the city of Chirchik, Tashkent region: artisan jewelers, potters, carpet makers, souvenir craftsmen. These classes aroused great interest among museum visitors. The masters who participated in the master classes were awarded letters of thanks from the Chirchik City Historical Museum. Also, an entertaining concert and a tour of the museum, held as part of the Night Museum project, gave visitors an upbeat mood. At the concert, the artists of the Department of Culture of the city of Chirchik made a great impression on the guests with their performances.